“Who but the artist has the power to open man up, to set free the imagination?
― Henry MillerStand Still Like the Hummingbird


We Are From Dust shared a call out for artists wanting to take on the challenge of shaking the art world paradigm, to redefine art and how it should be created and promoted. With our call out for letters of interests, we received 80 submissions. Hailing from 17 countries, over 90% of the applicants have been part of “that experience in the desert”. But what unifies them even more is the desire to express themselves; to share our ethos of radical inclusion, of radical expression, for interactivity and more.


Artists across the globe submitted ideas that illustrate the fantastical to what could be perceived as the impossible. Crafting ideas ranging from receivers gathering intel across the globe, to golden birdcages offering glimpses to the improbable, to statuesque beauties, the artists have shared visions and ideas to instigate and create community, to jumpstart change, for ourselves and our communities.


We are at a turning point. A turning point for our community. One where we embrace and celebrate what has been and what will be. A moment where we share who we are, and what it means, to be part of the Burning Man community.


I’m so honored and thrilled to be part of this process. To review and share ideas and concepts designed to push the envelope and to recreate the beauty and experience once only available in the desert.


Strap in everyone, we are going on the most exciting, most creative, most expressive ride of our lives.