“The selection of a restricted number of projects in between the overwhelming number of submissions was carried out keeping in mind that the the first “We Are From Dust” pavilion at the Venice Biennale should enable visitors to enter the peculiar world of Burning Man and to have at the same time a very unique confrontation with art. Therefore the choice privileged not only projects with high professional and technical standards, but highlighted also projects able to reimagine the experience and the space of art.


Many of the shortlisted submissions question familiar forms of perception and allow visitors to experiment themselves often in active participation. “Using” most of the installations that have been so far selected can change visitors, who have to interact with them.


We live in a moment, where art is expected to be political: this could simply mean that art has to react to social changes, to take position in front of relevant events. Therefore we expect an artwork with a simple and strong statement. But maybe an artwork could be also “political” by opening up the viewers horizon, by introducing to visions that differ from the unique vision of everyday life.


The “explorating sculptures” – if we may find a name for them – chosen will allow visitors the possibility of a unique experience of their self. There won’t be answers, but many questions, doubts, dreams. The chosen artworks will aim to show that we can perceive our reality from different, amazing point of views and that there is not necessarily only one good one.


Therefore the choice so far has privileged immersive installations that give and respect the space of the spectator and enable him or her to add his or her emotions and fantasies.

Letizia Ragaglia, We Are From Dust, Guest Curator