For many artists it is important to challenge observers and present their works outside of galleries and museums, so it is likewise stimulating for people like me to break the boundaries of an institution and to check what reactions and dialogues artworks are able to provoke beyond the “holy walls” of a museum.” – Letizia Ragaglia, Guest Curator – We Are From Dust


Large, distinctive art installations that have become iconic fixtures at Black Rock City often leave the playa to land in new areas all over the world; from Maker Faire in Oakland, to a train station in Zurich and just recently, the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco as well as  countless other places.  


In the thirty years since Burning Man has been happening, this style of art has become a movement on its own. We Are From Dust (WAFD), is a new, non-profit arts organization dedicated to showcasing the transformative power of interactive art in public spaces, is bringing this unique genre of large scale art to the 57th 2017 Venice Biennale for the first time.


We aim to shift the paradigm when it comes to the understanding of BRC inspired art, and have put together an experienced team that has been deeply involved with organizing Burning Man over many years, We Are From Dust’s mission is to both harness and expose the expertise and creativity of the global Black Rock City community by subsidizing works that encourage empowerment and collaboration for both artists and spectators.


During the Biennale, our goal is to be a Collateral Event, and feature in the official communications, schedules and maps.


Fundraising has already begun, and initial trustees include Timur Sardarov, founder of Black Ocean, an investment group; Keith Greco, of Greco Decor / Cirque du Soleil; Italian business magnate Marco Podini; and Katz Kiely, an established digital entrepreneur.  


WAFD is actively seeking additional trustees and others to help fund this effort. Approximately $1.5M is needed to: help finance a portion of each selected artists efforts to bring works to Venice, secure permits at Biennale, build the work, staff and maintain it throughout Biennale, and to staff the WAFD organization overall.